Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance in Cambridge

Unlike term life insurance,  insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that offers a bit of flexibility in its policy.

insurance gives you flexible options in terms of amounts of coverage, coverage period and even the premiums you pay every month.
If your life changes, your family and children are protected with universal life insurance in Cambridge .You can change the benefit the policy pays out, to a certain percentage of the original policy. This percentage amount will be selected by you when you set up the policy with your insurance broker, so be sure about the increase you may have.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance in Cambridge Options

As a holder of a  insurance policy in Kithener, Waterloo, Cambridge. You do have options on the terms of the contract you sign. You must select a policy that allows you to take a loan against the cash value the policy has accumulated. You are free to withdraw some or all of the cash value of the policy. With the cash, you can use it as leverage for other kinds of investments in life that may provide a higher rate of return than the universal insurance policy, or you can simply choose to keep your cash – the choice is all yours!

If you still have questions, you can call us for an appointment and we’ll be happy to discuss apt policy with you . We will go over all the insurance options for you to make sure you’re covered.

In short, a Term life insurance plan in Kitchener helps your dependents (young kids, elderly parents) tide through in the event you die.

Universal Life Insurance

Want some Investment Flexibility?

Universal life insurance in Cambridge plan is for you if you want some flexibility. This insurance allows for the premium contributions to be invested how the policy owner sees fit, up to a certain amount.

The contract for your  insurance policy will outline your options, but most contracts allow for the policyholder to determine how the cash value component of the policy will be invested.
Some of the choices available to the holders of  insurance policy are GICs, money market accounts, index fund investments and even segregated fund investments. If this is a kind of policy you’re interested in, contact insurance to set up an appointment so that we can make sure your current and future needs are being met.

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